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Workplace stress is the #1 reason U.S. employees leave their jobs, costing the economy $300 billion a year. Among its symptoms are irritability, depression, cynicism, feelings of incompetence, and a lack of creativity in your workforce. Burnout is simply a prolongation of this stress. Yet remarkably, employees are in possession of the very things that can restore them: their own nervous systems. Every person in your organization inhabits a body that is fundamentally curious, creative, and oriented toward wholeness. These are the bodies Nicole Winter Coaching helps your workforce return to.

In its most perfect state, the body knows resilience—the ability to complete a stress cycle and move from what biologists call “fight, flight, or freeze” states back to equilibrium. That state of equilibrium is where we’re most productive, present, compassionate, connected, and innovative. Like the animals we are, our biological systems activate our fight/flight/freeze response when we’re stressed. But modern working conditions are such that our nervous systems often can’t deactivate—which means employees don’t have access to their most productive, curious, creative selves. Our nervous systems—inherited from our ancestors—don’t know the difference between the stress of a mountain lion and the stress of an email from our manager. And we are “always on,” continually connected to our stressors. 


That’s why cognitive approaches to burnout don’t meaningfully address the problem. For all the recent emphasis on mental health in the workplace, studies and surveys show that employees generally find the programs offered by their companies to be inadequate: Just one in five people who receive therapy through a traditional health plan or EAP see symptom improvement. Top-down approaches such as mindfulness and meditation simply won’t work if the nervous system isn’t regulated and receptive to them. Bottom-up approaches, on the other hand, start with the body to calm the mind. Nicole Winter Coaching offers body-based approaches to complete employees’ stress cycles and return their nervous systems to homeostasis. From that place, they can do their best work for your organization. 

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