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At NWC, we know it’s not jobs that cause burnout, but a pressing need for biology education and science-based coping tools—so your employees can continue to do what they love, as their whole and resilient selves.

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Each of us has a unique biology, and we all require different approaches to come back into balance. The most effective burnout solutions account for individuals’ embodied and lived experiences. That’s why NWC isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Employees receive comprehensive, customized plans with tools designed to combat burnout for a lifetime.

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Backed by biology

Burnout doesn’t mean we’re broken—on the contrary, it’s our exquisite biology working to keep us alive. This means we can use the basic principles of biology to manage and prevent burnout. We all have innate healing mechanisms in our bodies, minds, and nervous systems that urge us from stress toward well-being. NWC leverages these systems for your people… and your business. 

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Long-term solution

The deepest and most lasting change is embodied. Our three-month program educates and equips employees with tools to help them manage burnout for life. (We subscribe to the “teach a man to fish” proverb.) Quarterly follow-up consults for two years after program completion are included. Our goal is to model and support self-awareness for ongoing self-regulation and growth

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Employee  Coaching

​Nicole Winter Coaching's three-month individual coaching program offers a range of modalities, including vagal toning exercises such as breathwork and tapping, Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®), and the Safe and Sound Protocol. These are body-based approaches with low cognitive loads that help your workforce “biohack” their nervous systems, enhancing mind-body performance. Over time, cognitive approaches such as mindfulness and nutrition are slowly introduced. We use only evidence-based practices, and customize a plan for every employee. ​Our program is evidence-based and individually tailored to enhance every employee’s overall well-being and career satisfaction. 


The program encompasses a one-hour weekly individual coaching session with each employee for a duration of three months. This initial coaching phase is followed by quarterly consults that extend for two years after the completion of the three-month coaching period. This ongoing support ensures that employees receive continuous guidance and assistance to prevent and manage burnout effectively.




We offer Preventing and Managing Burnout Seminars, which can be conducted either in person or virtually for groups. These seminars cover the biology of burnout, techniques to recognize burnout signs, and strategies to combat burnout effectively. Our offerings are customizable to suit your organization's needs, ranging from a single comprehensive seminar highlighting fundamental concepts and top tools to a more extensive educational series spanning six to twelve informative sessions.


We provide small group workshops designed specifically for leadership teams. These workshops are tailored to educate leaders on how to recognize early signs of burnout and equip them with the skills needed to offer support to their employees effectively. Our goal is to empower your leadership team with the knowledge and tools to create a healthier and more resilient work environment.


We offer corporate consulting services tailored to evaluate your current burnout management strategies and employee satisfaction initiatives. Our goal is to work closely with your organization to develop a personalized plan that addresses the specific needs of your workforce, enhances employee satisfaction, and effectively manages and prevents burnout.


Nicole Winter is an inspirational speaker who delivers talks for a wide range of organizations, including corporations, businesses, associations, and schools. Her life story serves as a remarkable testament to resilience. Despite growing up in an economically disadvantaged town in Ohio, Nicole, a trauma survivor, achieved the distinction of becoming a first-generation college graduate. She earned a scholarship to study Biology and Equestrian Science at her dream school.

In her junior year of college, Nicole faced the devastating diagnosis of her mother's aggressive cancer, leading to her mother's passing in less than three months. Nicole returned to college, making a commitment to her education and forming a pact with her brother to complete her senior year. Supported by her college community, especially her sorority sisters, she graduated with honors.

Post-graduation, Nicole encountered burnout in the veterinary and equine industries, which prompted her to transition to a career as a corporate chemist. Excessive work in the lab led to severe physical burnout, including torn rotator cuffs, forcing her to leave the lab. During a brief stint in the mental health field, she witnessed the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic on her community, which hit close to home with the addictions of her father, the death of a sorority sister due to a hit and run involving an impaired driver, a close family member's overdose, and the suicide of another close family member. These experiences motivated her to relocate from Ohio.

In North Carolina, she found her footing in finance recruiting before joining a prominent FAANG company in Seattle. She left the recruiting world in 2022 and founded Nicole Winter Coaching, where she now serves as the CEO and an Intuitive Coach. Nicole's journey is a powerful embodiment of resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome adversity, making her a compelling and inspirational storyteller for your organization.

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